We’ve created harmony between nature and science with our proprietary key ingredient complex - BioGongjin™️.

Rooted in a medley of fermented herbal ingredients, including Thyme, Cornelian Cherry, and Korean Angelica, these natural extracts feed the skin what it craves. Each formula is infused with vitamins and nutrients your body craves.

The essence of BioGongjin is equipped to reignite skin’s natural age-fighting ability. Fortifying, repairing, and reawakening skin from within. Transforming its look and feel. Going beyond skincare as we know it today. Wrap your skin in its wonder.


Biogongjin™️ was created with exclusive double fermentation technology to help boost absorption of our nutrient-rich blend of herbs and roots into the skin.

This advanced process creates an extract that improves the efficacy of our treatments while helping maximize rejuvenating benefits.

Leaving skin looking and feeling smoother, youthful, and revitalized.